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This document is part of the BioCompute Object User Guide

Creating a BCO on Galaxy

Galaxy has an extensive workflow system. They define a workflow as “.. a series of tools and dataset actions that run in sequence as a batch operation”. An instance of a Galaxy workflow is known as an “invocation”. Since a BCO is a record of a specific instance of a computation, the Galaxy invocations are used to generate the Galaxy BCOs. The first step in creating a well documented Galaxy BCO is to follow the Best Practices for Maintaining Galaxy Workflows.

Proper annotation of the workflow is required BEFORE running it.

Notice the following in the example below:

  • The Name of the workflow: Becomes the BCO Name
  • The workflow version: Translated to a sequental digit and included as the BCO version
  • The workflow Annnotation block: Becomes the FIRST entry in the BCO Usability Domain
    • The annotation from the history (if included) becomes the second entry in the BCO Usability Domain